Moosedog Oy is an innovation company with focus and expertises on handling IPR-rights (patents, utility models, trademarks, designs), novelty searches and innovation workshops. We have helped a significant amount of companies during the last years to identify and protect their innovations. The total aggregate exit values for the companies we have built the patent portfolio for is over 10B Euros.


Can you find more patentable ideas on your roadmap? Have you identified all value-adding ideas from of your company?

Let us help you to track down, find and patent them all in a cost-efficient way.We take care of all phases, from the invention report to patent filing, all the way to getting it granted.

Name and logo of your company can be protected via trademark registration.  Designs can be used to protect the form of your product. Contact us and find out more.

Tekes provides Innovation Voucher grants for protecting your inventions. The Voucher can be used to cover costs related to drafting and filing a patent application. Contact us for more info.


Are you sure that your invention is unique and new?  Do you have freedom-to-operate? Should you be worried about your competitors’ IPR.

What about your trademark? Are you up-to-date with your competitors’ activities related to registrations?

We have the most efficient tools to conduct all needed studies for IPR (novelty search, freedom-to-operate, patent landscape).


It is good to know what to do and why. A good IPR-strategy helps you to optimize resource allocation on IPR-protection. With a right plan, the protection can be targeted to inventions and territories which have an impact to your business.