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Patent attorney firm Moosedog.
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Please note that when you contact us, we will save your contact information in our client register. The personal information policy related to the client register can be found here. Often your contact leads to an assignment. In order to execute the orders, we collect certain personal information to be able to execute your assignment. More information here.

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Moosedog Oy
Vähäheikkiläntie 56 C
20810 Turku

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Urho Kekkosen katu
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Questions to check your Intellectual Property (IP) status

  1. Does your company own at least one form of intellectual property (IP*)?
  2. Has your company analyzed the IP related risks, procedures and costs how to protect your IP?
  3. Have you protected your product name?
  4. Have you protected your new technical solutions?
  5. Do you have an IP protection strategy in your company and is it linked to your business model?
  6. Do you have a person for maintaining your IP, ensuring you have an overview of your IP, contracts, protection applications?
If you answered at least one  “No”, please contact us and we will help you to make the valuation of your company higher.

*IP = An idea for a product, a process or a technical modification, improvements or developments, conceptual framework, unique/experimental design, methods, analyses.

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