EUROPEAN Patent attorney


Janne Aaltonen has more than 15 years of expertise in the telecom industry and venturing with a proven track record of fund raising, innovating and protecting new products, concepts and ideas. He is a strong visionary with the capability to create and execute sustaining growth strategies for existing and early phase companies.

Janne is CEO and founder of patent attorney office Moosedog. Before Moosedog, he was a Managing Director of CVON Ltd. There, he built and commercialised the leading patent portfolio in the field of mobile marketing. He was also a member in a team behind Blyk, the world’s first advertisement-funded mobile operator. Before the start-up era, Janne was Director of Business Development at Nokia Venture Organization where he was the founder of the mobile television business and the main innovator of the concept.

Janne holds a PhD in telecommunications and is a recognized innovator with more than 200 patents or patent applications in various fields of mobile services. He was selected as the engineer of the year 2007 in Finland.

Innovation Expert


Juha Salo has more than 15 years of expertise in the telecom industry and venturing and 7 years of expertise in medical technology industry. Juha is a strong visionary with a proven track record of fund raising, innovating and protecting new products, concepts and ideas.

Prior to joining Moosedog, Juha was founder and CEO of TactoTek Inc. Before that, he was a Venture Director at Nokia Venture Organization, where he was the founder and key innovator of several service businesses, including mobile television.

Juha holds a Lic. Tech in digital image processing and is a recognized innovator with more than 200 patents or patent applications in various fields of technologies.

European patent attorney


Kaisa Suominen has more than 20 years of expertise in intellectual property, mainly in private practice, but also in industry.

Kaisa has worked previously as patent attorney at Berggren Group for over 15 years, including 5 years as managing director of Turun Patenttitoimisto Oy. She has also spent several months working in industry as a patent engineer, both in large and small industries, in Finland and abroad.

Kaisa is active in training and tutoring new patent attorneys, including both practical work and patent law. She is also training candidates for the European Qualifying Examination at the Ceipi Strasbourg seminars (paper D), in the French section. Furthermore, she is part of a team regularly updating the “Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention”, published by Wolters Kluwer.

Kaisa holds a MSc in materials engineering and qualified as European patent attorney in 2003. She has also completed the epi/Ceipi-course ”Patent Litigation in Europe” (2006-2007) and its update module on UPC (2014).

EU-trademark attorney,


Jarmo Talvitie has been working with immaterial rights for about 20 years. Before joining Moosedog Jarmo was an IPR-lawyer at Berggren Oy, handling i.a. patent and trademark litigations and EU-trademarks as an EU-trademark attorney. He was also the head of trademark- and legal department for eight years, while being also active in the development of electronic services of the company.

Jarmo has been working with Moosedog since 2014.

Innovation expert,
Funding expert


Timo Lahnalampi has substantial experience in high-tech ICT-consumer/telecom industry from Research, Development & Innovation to internet video services sales. Latest years Timo has been working as a specialist and advisor in several European Union funded ICT-projects and he has supported SMEs to apply for EU/national funding instruments.

patent attorney


Mikk Putk has over 17 years of experience in private patent practice. He has advised hundreds of tech companies & startups in IP related matters and carried out thousands of hours in patent, trademark & design searches.
He is a mentor at startup programs, a lecturer at IP seminars and a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Tartu University.
Before joining Moosedog, he was a partner of Estonian patent agency and he is associated partner of Lithuanian IP law firm Metida. He has also been a founder of UK startup CrowdIPR, which developed crowdsourcing platform for technology and patent research and later another startup, which developed IP audit and risk evaluation tool.