World record on patent analytics

Moosedog and its partners took a challenge in Slush to help evaluate the innovations of every single Slush- start up that chose to avail itself of our offer and services. We developed a super efficient and scalable screening process to do that. First, we studied the overall status of 709 startups with respect to their patents and trademarks. We identified that the 709 companies cumulatively own 442 patents, and that 133 of the companies have trademarked their name. This was followed by deeper search into about 100 of the companies for which we completed a novelty search of their respective innovation prior the event. We identified substantial innovation potential in many of these companies and with their agreement, we are taking the protection process further by looking to file patent and trademark applications.

We believe this to be the first time in a “Slush type” of event that so many companies have been screened from innovation point of view. We believe we can replicate the process.

The processes and tools developed for the Slush event can be used for example, to screen all investment proposals an investor company receives. Based on our Slush experience of what we feel is a world record on patent screening and innovation processing during this type of event, we can easily process a large number of cases in a similar fashion to identify unique innovations. Unique innovations can be protected.

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